To All My Friends

by Much Ado About Everything

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Written in dedication to all the people that helped me forward.


I'm happy we're all here, I can finally share my secrets. I've been hiding in doubt, and walking with pain. im contemplating every choice I make every single damned day. is this where I want to be, what's the reason I am here, how many more chances will I get to find out before I douse myself in fear? I've been writing these songs and hoping they reveal an answer, I've been talking in my dreams trying to find what I'm looking for. I hop in the car and take a drive to out to nowhere, maybe I'll get lost and finally forget to care. just tell me I have a destination so I can be there

I spend a lot of time by myself and it probably isn't for the best, lately I've been finding comfort being attached to the beings called friends, the way they inform you that everything is alright, telling me it will be just fine. I've had my fair share of falling out with people I never should have let go, but we all have to let go, maybe that's what has been holding me back this whole time, who really knows. have you ever voiced the thoughts you have when you're alone? I do, I look out the window and ponder if I can be anything more. I'm still not sure if it's me I'm writing for. who am I writing for?

I sit and I wonder what all of this means. the world at large feels like it's tearing at the smallest of seams. I wonder what it's like for everyone to see the light of day, all at the same time, maybe with a smile and contemplating what it is that keeps us in this life. branded together bonded over the smallest of things, pretending I can write for something other than me. I look at photos I'm in with people who have helped me forward and I treasure just how long I've been keeping my feet on the ground. maybe I can repay you in the coming of time but that's in the future I guess I'll hold onto what's still mine.

I don't know if it's you I'm writing for, you've been haunting my dreams and disturbing my sleep. i may never find out and that's okay. I know one thing is for certain too all my friends don't want this to end.


released July 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Much Ado About Everything Waterloo, Iowa

slowly realizing people want me to die

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